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With our state-of-the-art diagnostic Audiology equipment, our Doctors of Audiology are able to determine the exact type, degree and pattern of hearing loss for each patient.   Visualization of the external ear canal is combined with special tests for middle and inner ear functioning. Computer-based Audiometry, wireless and handheld tympanometry, distortion-product optoacoustic emissions, and speech discrimination testing are important components of a complete battery of testing that will provide you with the exacting results of hearing levels each and every time.


Hearing Aid Fitting

A perfect fitting is a blend of art and science.   After all, a hearing aid must be comfortable to wear, easy to insert, and be cosmetically appealing.   A detailed examination of the external ear canal will determine the proper size and depth for the hearing aid position. Once in place, our wireless programming interface will connect to the hearing aid for instant programming of all levels of sound. Our Doctors of Audiology have the perfect combination of experience and expertise to ensure your fitting is a success.


Hearing Aid Evaluation

When choosing the perfect hearing aid, we must carefully consider your specific goals for improving your communication, as well as your lifestyle.   Certain hearing aid models are very well designed for reducing extraneous noise, while others are perfect for listening to television. If your occupation requires listening in meetings or board rooms, then there are models specifically designed for these environments. The type of hearing aid chosen will also be based upon your ear canal anatomy, your degree of hearing loss, your dexterity, your vision… even the type of phone you use.


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