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Tinnitus, from the Latin for “ringing”, is a condition characterized by perceiving sounds with no external source. As the name, “Tinnitus” suggests, this perceived sound typically manifests as a ringing noise at a variety of frequencies. Other types of tinnitus noises have been reported, from hisses and roars to rare cases of vocal or musical sounds. Tinnitus doctors found that ringing can be isolated to one ear or both ears. Usually, the perceived sounds gradually develop in intensity, rather than appearing all at once. While tinnitus is almost always observable only by the patient (called “subjective tinnitus”), some vascular or muscular conditions can cause physical oscillations which are perceived as tinnitus. Doctors that treat tinnitus will refer this as “objective tinnitus”.


Doctors that treat tinnitus find that their patients are desperate for a cure for tinnitus as symptoms can be severely damaging for patients’ overall health and ability to function normally. In particular, tinnitus patients who also experience depression and anxiety usually find that tinnitus exacerbates these conditions, since it adds a constant source of irritation. Hearing doctors treating tinnitus find that patients living with tinnitus demands mental and emotional resources that are already at a premium, leaving the patient more vulnerable to further mental health challenges. Impaired sleep and concentration are common in tinnitus sufferers, since tinnitus acts as an inescapable distraction.


Currently, tinnitus is a condition that is managed rather than treated. Before modern breakthroughs in the treatment of tinnitus, patents were left with no option other than to cope with the symptoms of tinnitus. The primary method of facilitating tinnitus management is psychological in nature. Cognitive behavioral therapy is commonly employed to decrease the patient’s level of stress and train them to function with their tinnitus. Doctors treating tinnitus found patients using noise generators or recordings to mask and distract from tinnitus frequencies. The relaxation these noise sources promote can also keep patients in mental states conducive to better managing their tinnitus.


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