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Announcing the latest advancement in hearing care technology

Announcing the latest advancement in hearing care technology Join us for a special 2 day event, Wednesday May 1st and Thursday May 2nd

Watch this amazing video on a Tinnitus Solution

Nightly News ran a wonderful story on a veterans solution to his tinnitus. See heart touching commentary on how the Levo system was the answer to someone who suffers from tinnitus his entire life. You can find The Levo System right here at the Center for Hearing in Naples Florida. Contact The Center for Hearing […]

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New Technology Alleviates Tinnitus by Retraining the Brain to Ignore Ringing in the Ears

LOS ANGELES—David Giles, 57, began suffering from tinnitus as a teenager, when a firecracker went off near his ear. Giles says the debilitating condition, commonly known as “ringing in the ears,” has grown overpowering without going away. He is one of as many as 50 million Americans suffering from tinnitus. Musicians, factory workers, military veterans […]

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Stop the Ringing – Once And For All

Utilizing an FDA-cleared neuroscience-based approach, the Levo System is a personal and patented nightly sound therapy designed to improve the quality of a patient’s daily life. This system is the best tinnitus treatment on the market! Now in Naples Florida, at the Center for Hearing. Center for Hearing: 625 Tamiami Trail N. Suite 301 • […]

Do Allergies Cause Hearing Loss?

Allergies and Hearing Loss The immune system responds to allergies by producing antibodies that release the compound histamine. Histamine causes itchy eyes, sneezing, and a runny nose – essentially, hay fever. This excess mucus production can obstruct the Eustachian tube, which is the drainage passage for the middle ear. The middle ear amplifies and transfers sound from the outer […]

New Hearing Technology Brings Sound To A Little Girl

June 1, 20153:35 AM ET Heard on Morning Edition Lauren Silverman   Jiya Bavishi was born deaf. For five years, she couldn’t hear and she couldn’t speak at all. But when I first meet her, all she wants to do is say hello. The 6-year-old is bouncing around the room at her speech therapy session […]

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Naples Tinnitus Event – Levo Day, Open House

SPECIAL INVITATION FOR PATIENTS SEEKING TINNITUS TREATMENT   For one in five people, tinnitus (or ‘ringing in the ears’) can have a substantial impact on their quality of life.   On Wednesday, January 31st a representative from the Otoharmonics corporation and I will be hosting a full-day event for tinnitus patients.    RSVP by calling […]

Reading information aloud to yourself improves memory of materials

You are more likely to remember something if you read it out loud, a study from the University of Waterloo has found. A recent Waterloo study found that speaking text aloud helps to get words into long-term memory. Dubbed the “production effect,” the study determined that it is the dual action of speaking and hearing […]

Retirement and your hearing health

Retirement and your hearing health   Contributed by Debbie Clason, staff writer, Healthy Hearing October 19, 2017 Thinking about retiring soon? Don’t forget to factor hearing healthcare costs into your retirement budget. According to estimates from HealthView Insights, a provider of retirement health care planning applications, the average American couple retiring in 2017 and covered […]

Human inner ear organs grown: Could lead to new therapies for hearing, balance impairments

Researchers have successfully developed a method to grow inner ear tissue from human stem cells, a finding that could lead to new platforms to model disease and new therapies for the treatment of hearing and balance disorders. Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine have successfully developed a method to grow inner ear tissue from […]


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