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Our hearing center is located in Naples Florida. The Center for Hearing is different from other Naples FL hearing aid companies. We are doctors of audiology. Our team of Naples FL audiologists looks at your hearing health from a clinical standpoint. We test, diagnose and offer medical solutions to treat most any hearing disorder.


Once your specific level
of hearing loss is determined, you will be
presented with your options.

we have the most
advanced Naples hearing aid technologies
available to offer you comprehensive
hearing care

Your questions will be
answered and we will explain to you
what to expect from your customized
hearing-enhancement program.

Hearing Doctors

Restoring hearing is gratifying to both the patient and the Naples audiologist.


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Hearing Loss

About 20 percent of Americans, 48 million, report some degree of hearing loss and at age 65, one out of three people require a hearing aid.

Tinnitus Treatment

About 50 million US citizens have tinnitus to some degree, of which around 12 million have such a severe condition that they have to seek medical help.

Hearing Aid Technology

The world of hearing technology is constantly evolving. Our expert Doctors of Audiology only offer the most advanced Naples FL hearing aid technologies.


ExamGet tested by an Audiologist

Our Naples hearing doctors will find out exactly what is causing your hearing disorder. From hearing loss to treating tinnitus, we will offer you a treatment for hearing loss or Rinning in your ears based on the degree and severity of your condition. Set up an appointment in our Naples Florida office and meet with one of our audiologists today.

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American-owned and -operated Starkey hearing aids, announced that, beginning in February 2017, it will offer its highly popular Museā„¢ micro ZPower rechargeable battery option.

According to the report, approximately 12 million people annually seek medical attention for problematic cerumen.

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Our Audiology Testimonials

I was greeted with the most wonderful compliment by Luisa at the front desk...she is wonderful! I am so comfortable in this practice, and I know I will be there for many years to come. Thank you for making me feel so welcome!
Mike S
I cannot express how much it meant for my friend Betty to finally introduce me to the doctors at Center for Hearing! She had been a patient of Dr. Roupas for 6 years, and I had put off going to see an audiologist for many years. I now wish I would have gone years earlier. I look forward to each visit now. Thank you for all you do for Betty and me. You're the best!
Ken L
The thought of going to get my hearing tested was not easy for me, in fact my wife dragged me in after years of us yelling back and forth, and my TV was blasting the neighbors out. After visiting the Center for Hearing, I can now enjoy her company so much better, and watch my sporting events at a low volume. My wife and I thank you kindly. God bless.
Sally K